Don't Palm us off

Orang-utans are endangered because the palm oil we use in products destroys their

habitat. For example logging and agricultural reasons as well as palm oil plantations are

some of the many reasons that the orang-utans are endangered. They can also be hunted

for meat or so they can be kept as pets. Don't Palm us off is a program made by Zoos

Victoria in order to save the orang-utans and their habitat. Their campaign raises money

and awareness of the usage of palm oil and how the unsustainable plantations are

destroying the rainforest. To help zoos Victoria is encouraging people to ask for products

with Palm oil that is sustainably produced and clearly labelled. Another option is to

approach brands and ask them to use sustainable Palm oil and to label it.

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They're calling on you

Gorillas are endangered due to humans destroying their habitat in order to mine the

mineral coltan, commonly found in mobile phones. Their habitat is destroyed by getting rid

of their nesting and vegetation which they use for food, leaving the gorillas unable to

survive. Zoos Victoria while working with conservation partners the Gorilla Doctors, are

protecting gorillas in the wild by helping their numbers through medical care. The funds

they get from the recycling of old mobile phone support Gorilla Doctors and the zoos

Victoria conservation program.

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