Location and Destruction of the Rainforests

- Deforestation

- To make space for living and agriculture

- To make space for industries

- To make paper and other things like furniture

- To use wood as burning resource (combustion)

- 7% of the world

- Tropical rainforests

- Are located near the equator

- 1/3 is in Brazil

- 57% of all rainforests are in Latin America

- Others in Southeast Asia and the pacific islands (25%), and west Africa


- Temperate Rainforests

- Along coasts in temperate zones

- Largest on the pacific cast of North America (from Oregon to Alaska for

1,200 miles)

- Others on the southeast coast of Chile in South America

- Small areas => United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, New Zealand and southern


Location and Destruction of the Rainforests

Products of rainforest