What processes of the earth make and shape


There are 2 main processes that make and shape the world, weathering and

the tectonic plates.

Weathering and erosion:

Two main elements, wind and water, transport rocks very far distances, a good

example of this is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon used to either be a

giant plateau or a large area of flat land but then water started flowing through

the land and slowly over many years transported rocks away making these

large cracks, shaping the Grand Canyon, this is also the reason that the Grand

Canyon has rivers in between the cracks.

What processes of the earth make and shape landscapes-0

Tectonic plates:

Under the earths crust there are some large plates known as tectonic plates.

Underneath these plates is an extremely large deposit of magma. Underneath

these plates the magma is constantly moving around and shifting the plates,

and of course as these plates are always moving around they rub against each

other. When this happens it also effects the crust and the land above the

ground. For example plates with divergent boundaries (plates that move away

from each other) which will cause mid-oceanic rifts, volcanoes and rift valleys

to form. Convergent boundaries (plates which shift into each other can

sometimes cause one of the plates to overlap causing there to be less space

for the magma underneath, and the lava has to escape somehow, so the lava

shoots up to the surface causing a volcano to form, or even a mountain range.

The last movement of the tectonic plates that shapes landscapes is the

transformative boundaries, the transformative boundaries occurs when one

plate starts rubbing on the other one, this can form things like earthquakes

which can break and destroy land and landscapes.

What processes of the earth make and shape landscapes